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Spam under Control
Microsoft StoreBy FELICIA DOMES
When Al Gore invented the internet in 1993 my life changed overnight.

As a college student in the late 80's I had visions of a time when computers would be a part of every day life. As I perused my George Orwell book titled "1984" I was convinced that day would come sooner rather than later.

In 1993 I signed-up to AOL and for the first time I plugged-in. I have not plugged-out since.

An endless resource for information the internet has proven to be an invaluable asset in my life and the life of other writers in my entourage. Email has not only replaced letter writing, it has become the most popular mean for communication since the telephone back in the days of Alexander Bell.

One of the drawbacks of email is of course, spam. Unsolicited email messages, otherwise known as "spam" have now become a nuisance which is costing corporate America over $45 billion dollars in wasted company time each day -- yes, each day!

In dome cases business executives have reported over 99.8 percent of all emails received by employees are spam, most of which fraudulent or offensive in one capacity or another. I am one of those victims.

I receive about 1,200 emails per day. Yesterday all but 7 were spam. Thanks to Spam Shield from PCSecurity Shield only the 7 legitimate emails made it to my inbox.

I came across Spam Shield about 5 months ago but never gave it much thought until this past weekend when I finally decided to give it a try. Unlike other spam services which require you to forward your private emails to their server, Spam Shield does not intercept your emails rather the patented software resides on my computer making the filtering process secure and, private.

I've heard horror stories about other server based spam monitoring companies reading customer emails, stealing private information or even defrauding their affiliates of referral commissions.

Today I'm a happy gal, so is my inbox. Thanks Spam Shield!

If you are looking for a reliable service here is a list of spam services I recommend:

Spam Shield from PCSecurity Shield

On the flip side here are the companies I do NOT recommend:

Spam Arrest (Disruptive Authentication Process, No Contact Details on Website)
McAfee Spam Killer (Uses heavy CPU Resources, Not Cost Effective)
Google Postini (Not Cost Effective or User Friendly)

Ebusiness for Beginners
FragranceNet.comI've always wanted to do business online. The idea that a website could generate income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week was not only appealing to me, it made perfect sense. Why then have all my online efforts added to next to nothing?

I found the answer to this puzzling question on a website designed for internet business dummies like myself called "Ebusiness for Beginners."

Part of the Cybergenica Company, Ebusiness for Beginners is a Florida based internet marketing firm focusing on the direct interaction between surfers and products and/or services based websites.

Its website is user friendly and features more than simple navigation; it contains valuable resources that work. For the first time since 1998 my efforts are baring fruit, people are visiting my websites, I am making money!

Just when I had given up on the web this breath of electronic fresh air gave me new hope, hopefully it will inspire you to reach for the sky as you embark on your own ebusiness journey...

The Ebusiness for Beginners website

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