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The Reason Why Tim Tebow Won't Play in Jacksonville
Everyone knows Tim Tebow is a winner. Granted, the 26 year old QB isn't yet Hall Of Fame caliber, however he's proven to be an elusive player that's very hard to stop.

Fact is, Tebow, a Heisman Trophy winner in 2010 had a winning record in Denver. Plus, the rookie quarterback managed to win his first playoff game before the Broncos had a team wide let down vs New England, losing a conference match up to a smoking hot Tom Brady.

Though rumors continue to float around the Jaguars giving the former Broncos player a try-out, Tebow enthusiasts ignore the simple fact the team is owned by someone who might very well be offended by "Tebowing," the kneeling/praying move Tim Tebow, a devout Christian is known for. Tebowing became a huge sensation in 2011, and was made popular by extensive media coverage.

You see, the Jacksonville Jaguars are owned by Shahid Khan, who immigrated to the US from Pakistan, a country dominated by Islam where Christians are persecuted. With this in mind, and the fact Tim Tebow not only brings a winning record to the table but also morality, it's likely his Christian faith that will keep the young QB off the field in spite of the fact he's a gifted athlete. I'm sorry to say it, but it's Tebow's biblical obedience and provoking faith that's come back to bite him. I, for one, am not surprised the world (or the NFL) hates Tim Tebow. I see it as fulfillment of biblical prophecy... Keep up the good works Tim, God delights in you!

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Not quite the Daytona 500
Blue skies, white sand and more than 500 joggers took part in this year's Daytona Beach Red Cross 5K Run on Saturday. Matt Leif (left) took first place covering the three mile distance in 18 minutes 22 seconds battling a 20 miles an hour coastal head wind

A popular annual event, the 5K course follows the hard packed beach starting at the Daytona Beach Pier then heads inland at Baker Street ending on grass in Bourne Park, just a few block from the starting point.

"This is one of the most incredible short distance running event in Florida" says Debbie Marks, one of the participants. She adds "I've been running 5K's for over ten years and this is the one I look forward to every year. My husband died of a heart attack on 1995 and I promised my children I wouldn't die obese like Tom. So I went out and bought running shoes and have been running ever since. I still think of Tom every time I complete a race and cross that finish line. He was my soul mate. Now he's my inspiration." Wow! Talk about inspiring!

Much like most other runners, Debbie runs recreationally throughout the central Florida region. "I mostly go East-West. I do the Tampa Marathon, that's a hard one. Too many people do that one!"

A few steps behind Debbie came Elizabeth and Grace St.Pierre (right), wife and daughter of our senior photographer. Liz, a fitness specialist participating in this event for the first time was not expecting soft powder and ended up getting her money's worth. "Running along the water on packed sand was great except for the wind" said Liz. "But getting from the hard sand to the park was a nightmare!"

She adds "if not for the powder, I'm pretty sure this would have been my personal best running with Gracie. She screamed and laughed all the way and why not, it's gotta be so much fun to zoom along the water watching the other runners and sea birds everywhere. She kept waving and saying hi to everyone. She's so cute!"

The seven year old annual event raises funds for the Red Cross Foundation, a Christian based organization that truly makes a difference locally, nationally and even worldwide. Paul Hogg is has been the event president since 2001 and estimated this year's race revenue at nearly thirty thousand dollars, a great contribution to a great cause.


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