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Order your inTime listening system on a preloaded iPod touch with your choice of high-quality headphones, or the Waves™ multi-sensory audio system. Add the optional inTime drum and mallets to complete your system.

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“inTime gave me a long term feeling of balance and calm during a particularly busy time of year. The listening experience is different every day. I really look forward to it! I can easily see how inTime will benefit both my college clients and the clients in our pediatric practice. I love the personalized nature…makes it appropriate for diverse populations and goals.”

“I am enthused about inTime adding to my repertoire of interventions. inTime, involving short sessions of listening engaging the body, sets up the brain for higher level processing, clarity of thinking and decision making. For me, I felt more connected and effective in my daily work and life and see its application for all ages. ABT keep on providing interventions that keep up with current brain and therapy research.”

“inTime is like a “page turner” book one is reading and can’t put down. I happily and eagerly looked forward to each listening session and always felt so calm, settled and pleased with the outcome of each session. Helped me address some posture challenges I have been experiencing. I can easily pinpoint use of inTime with a number of my clients. Rhythm is such an essential component of our optimal functioning as communicators and learners.”

“To me, inTime is more than a rhythm-based music listening program. I have practiced yoga for 12 years. Yoga teaches its students to find inner quiet or peace, even in a crowded noisy room the goal is to be able to shut out all the noise and distraction and meditate. Listening to inTime is very similar to this, all the stress and distraction and chaos in life is like the crowded, noisy room. During and after using this program the situations that came up in life that were big stressors I was and am able to handle in a calmer and clear way. I feel centered and motivated, more able to see the bigger picture in the projects that I am working on, not only in my job but in my life as well. The music is so energetic and fun, it’s hard not to move with the beat. The best way to describe this program for me is a quote by Berthold Auerbach ‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.'”

Fact 4: You Can Use Keratin To Get Rid Of Frizz Without Straightening Your Curls

Fact 5: There Are Tons Of Different Keratin Treatments For Different Hair Types It's not one-size-fits-all. In fact, you don't want a salon that only offers a single keratin treatment, because it's probably not the best one for your texture and thickness. “If you use the same formula on fine hair that you do on thick, it'll just be flat and stick to your scalp!” Pena explains. And on the flip side, if the formula's not strong enough, it'll be like you just spent $400 on...absolutely nothing.

Fact 5: There Are Tons Of Different Keratin Treatments For Different Hair Types

Fact 6: Keratin Works On Straight Hair, Too Got coarse, thick, frizzy hair that's straight? Keratin could be your new favorite thing. A light treatment can make it shinier and smoother, so you only have bed head if you actually want it.

Fact 6: Keratin Works On Straight Hair, Too

Fact 7: Keratin Straighteners Aren't Relaxers Unlike keratin, relaxers are permanent. They change your texture, so you have to want stick-straight hair forever—or at least until your roots need touching up. They're also easier to do at home, whereas keratin treatments are usually in salons.

Fact 7: Keratin Straighteners Aren't Relaxers

Fact 8: Keratin Straightening Isn't (Or At Least Shouldn't Be) A Super-Intensive Process A stylist combs a bunch of it into your strands, leaves it on 'til your follicles are good and coated, then flat irons your hair to seal it in. Older formulas require you not to wash or style your hair for 72 hours, which is why you should find a place that uses newer no-wait straighteners if you can.

Fact 8: Keratin Straightening Isn't (Or At Least Shouldn't Be) A Super-Intensive Process

Fact 9: You Can, In Fact, Use Keratin Treatments On Dyed Or Bleached Hair They can actually make bleached hair feel healthier. The same doesn't hold true for other straighteners, though. “If your hair's dyed, stay away from flat irons, relaxers, or Japanese straightening!” Pena warns.

Fact 9: You Can, In Fact, Use Keratin Treatments On Dyed Or Bleached Hair

Fact 10: Maintenance Is The Key To Keratin Success If you want your fancy new shininess to last, you might have to drop your regular shampoo and stop washing so much altogether. You can shampoo three times a week max, but there better not be actual suds involved. “Stay away from cleansers that bubble!” Pena advises. “If your shampoo has a detergent ingredient like Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), which is literally found in laundry soap, it'll just strip your hair!” (Good sulfate-free lines: nike free limited edition herrenknecht
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.) Also no good? Salt water and chlorine. So surf spray's not an option, and make sure to coat your hair with a protective cream or oil before you make any literal waves.


OMERO is a server platform for managing biological images. See the nike air max flyknit 2015 black purple and white wedding
for more info. OMERO.figure combines OMERO's powerful image rendering and metadata to provide a tool for rapid figure creation. Each panel of the figure becomes a multi-dimensional image viewer, allowing you to zoom and pan, adjust rendering settings and even scroll through Z and Time. Figures can be exported as TIFF images or PDF documents, so you can move seamlessly to other editing tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

Many tasks of figure creation are very time consuming when done manually. OMERO.figure provides tools to get the job done quickly. All of these features work with multiple selected panels at once, making it easy to keep similar panels in sync.

Align to grid Adjust rendering settings Clever labels Copy and paste Scroll Z and Time Zoom, Pan and Rotate Crop to ROI Accurate scalebars Full undo and redo Set 'dpi' Multi-page figures Export TIFF or PNG Export with panel images

You can create beautiful figures in your browser, then share them with others. Depending on your OMERO permissions settings, you can even make them public, so everyone can explore your figures interactively.

We have created a live demo with several examples, based on figures published in the Journal of Cell Biology. This is a 'static' demo app (not hosted on an OMERO server), so you can't save changes. All the image data comes from the nike air max 90 25th anniversary snakeskin croc skin boots
, where you can also browse the raw data. Click figures for demos:

OMERO.figure version 3.0.0 requires OMERO.web 5.3.0 or newer .

5.3.0 or newer Warning: 5.2.6 or newer

This section assumes that an OMERO.server is already installed. Figures can be exported as PDF or TIFF files using a script that runs on the OMERO.server. This script needs to be uploaded to the OMERO.server and its dependencies installed on the OMERO.server machine. The script can be uploaded using two alternative workflows, both of which require you to be an admin.

omero/figure_scripts/ /omero_figure/scripts/omero/figure_scripts/

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1901 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-686-5431

Wed., Apr. 18 Mon., May. 28 Wed., Jul. 4 Mon., Sep. 3 Mon., Oct. 8

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1901 Vine Street, Room 214 Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-686-5431

Room 214

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Microfilm Collection and Finding Aids

The Newspapers Microfilm Center is our region’s largest collection of newspapers from the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Over 400 newspapersdating back to 1720 are on microfilm . Our collection includes newspapers from major cities around the world, local community papers, as well as microfilmed versions of academic, underground, and trade periodicals collected by the subject departments. Students and the curious should begin their research process by inquiring within the Social Science History Department.

Major Holdings of the Newspapers and Microfilm Center

Newspapers published by selected ethnic, racial, religious, or other communities

Underground Newspapers

Databases: Electronic Access to Newspapers

Newspapers 1978 - present

In the late 1970s, newsrooms accelerated their use of computers to produce their publications. These "born digital" articles were the easiest for publishers to make accessible digitally. As a general rule accessing information published in newspapers in the 1980s and beyond is the simpler than for prior decades. The Free Library subscribes to several full text databases to assist researchers in easily accessing news normally behind paywalls in the computer era:

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News sources world wide, but the most important local sources are the Inquirer and Daily News:

jordan cmft air max 12 gst items
is the tool for researchers to use to determine which databases provide electronic access to periodicals. Search a newspaper (or magazine) by title, and TDNet will tell you which database(s) to which we subscribe provide full text. TDNet is an imperfect tool, if something seems missing consult with a librarian for assistance.

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