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"Christians Eat Junk!"

Microsoft StoreThanks for your article about Biblical Cooking. I have to admit I wasn't aware there was such a thing as a list of biblical foods in the bible even though I must have read God's word five or six times since being saved back in 1998.

Your article was inspiring and drove my husband and I to take a closer look into our own culinary habits only to realize we were filling our stomachs with junk food, just like you said. Thank you for your boldness but more importantly, thanks for providing a link to the Biblical Cooking website which turned out to be a great resource on biblical ingredients, scripture and even scientific facts (see

I wanted to let you know our home is now one hundred percent biblically inclined when food is involved- Brad and I have been cooking extraordinary meals based on your list of biblical ingredients, I've lost 14 pounds and Brad is sleeping much better. We're not certain it's the change in our diets or answer to prayer, it doesn't really matter now does it? God bless you!
Sarah Hearne
Milan OH

"Christmas is Christian!"

wine.comAfter reading "Pontiff's holiday wish" [Arts&Life, Nov. 2005], I couldn't agree with the pope more.

Let the stores run all the holiday sales they want and let us Christians keep our Christmas. Christians don't need Christ's name on every advertisement page in the paper or hanging on banners in the stores.

Being a Christian and celebrating the birth of Christ should be a very personal thing. So let the stores wish people a happy holiday. It only brings more meaning to Merry Christmas.

Erik Walden
Boston MA

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