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Ready for Delivery?
Did you know labor and delivery are highly intense periods that require great strength, as well as muscular and aerobic conditioning?

"Training" for pregnancy implies intentional exercises to help or assist in the transition that the body goes through during gestation and actual delivery.

But how safe is training for pregnancy? In low-risk women, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) advises, "Regular activity helps keep you fit during pregnancy, and may improve your ability to cope with the pain of labor.

A healthy pregnant woman can adapt 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise on most, if not all, days of the week."

Benefits of moderate prenatal exercise include more energy and better overall well-being throughout pregnancy, less fat, lowered risk of gestational diabetes, lowered incidence of post-term and cesarean delivery, and fewer complications during pregnancy.

Even though exercise is encouraged, some activities are considered risky and should be avoided, such as activities that involve physical contact. As always, you should consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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Health insurance rates make me sick!
Can you believe health insurance prices these days? Last year I paid around $370.00 a month covering a family of three; My 16 month toddler, my husband and myself
. Both my spouse and I have no medical history, we are both non smokers in excellent health.

My daughter is also in good health. So why the $100.00 a month increase? According to the federal government, the national health insurance rate increase in 2012 was 22% white it is projected around 27% for 2014.

It is estimated that nearly 35-40% of every premium dollar you pay for health insurance is set aside for Rx costs. Add an exponentially escalating prices of prescription drugs and you end up with the main reason for higher health insurance rates.

My problem is we didn't use prescription drugs last year, and we are all in good health yet our rates went up-- Without vision or dental coverage, our health insurance is literately killing us! So much for insurance; Almost makes me WANT to get sick.

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