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History of The Central Florida Chronicle

In 2003 Central Florida was a bustling region of 2,180,000 with sixteen newspapers competing for readers when a fresh, self-styled "Paper for the Christian Community", suddenly appeared on the internet.

Born on November 3, 2003, The Central Florida Chronicle had been created almost overnight by an digital creative genius who was looking for a platform from which to share dazzling area coverage and commentary. The ain of the Chronicle aim was to publish an entertaining electronic journal - and possibly to teach the larger online newspapers a lesson.

In 2005, The Central Florida Chronicle joined together with a wide array of affiliates and strategic partners to form the more complete electronic news and commentary portal you see today.

The Chronicle is updated daily and distributed electronically free of charge throughout the world to a reader base spreading over 130 counties. Thanks to the internet and automatic File Transfer Protocol, The Central Florida Chronicle can be read is real time 24 hours a day.

Making certain to glorify God with each topic and writing style, The Central Florida Chronicle has become a popular web portal among Florida residents. An important challenge faced by The Chronicle involves building a remote reader base through captivating articles, dazzling photography and a superb choice of topics covered by the website.

Careful to write about topics personally experienced, Chronicle articles, photographs and commentary are based on facts from actual events taking place around the central Florida region.

What you will find in The Chronicle's pages is rich commentary that combines both informative and entertaining writing. Add smashing photography to the mix, sprinkle a pinch of design elegance captured in a user friendly page layout and the end result appears to be quite captivating in deed.

The Business

Financial Standing
The Central Florida Chronicle is privately held and grown through initial investments, the pragmatic reinvestment of revenues and a well managed growth path. The company has no institutional investors.

The Central Florida Chronicle has a long and successful history of partnering with companies around the United-States to boost exposure and maximize ROI for advertising customers. A unique blend of creativity, marketing savvy and production flexibility has enabled us to form mutually rewarding relationships with individuals and organizations both large and small.

Thanks to exponentially growing traffic patterns, The Central Florida Chronicle earns commissions by promoting market-leading products and services from top affiliate networks.

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